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The Causes Of Divorce Of A Couple In Singapore

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More than one marriage out of two results in divorce in Singapore. If the legalisation of same-sex marriage has succeeded in stemming this trend, the marital union is no longer entirely synonymous with unshakable structure. What are the main reasons for divorce in couples? We have analysed the couples of Singapore and found the following reasons causing separation according to a divorce lawyer Singapore:

Half victim, half guilty, some wrongs are shared, others not. It nevertheless appears that divorce after a short union are often motivated by sudden events while those abbreviating a union of ten years or more relate to long-term exhaustion for both peers, a slow process which, when it ends, leaves the dumbfounded entourage. The marriage runs out of steam at different levels, sometimes in 3 years, sometimes in 40’s, and if a separation is often preferable to agony, there are solutions to prevent deterioration settling irreparably in a couple.

The Main Reasons For Divorce In A Couple:

Unfaithfulness: 33% of unions end after adultery , especially when it occurs during the first years of marriage. More experienced couples have more opportunities to get up after a straight line exit.

Incompatibility: at all levels, hasty unions are full of surprises. The discovery of some antithetical data such as excess or lack of professional ambition, political differences, the desire or not of children, and then, the education of the latter, personality traits unsuspected by the spouse etc are all factors that can be revealed in the second moments of a relationship.

Abusive behavior: sickly violence, moral harassment, latent neuroses can break out in the open or develop at every moment of the conjugal life and give the impression of sharing his life with a partial stranger.

Money and work: the lack of money, the loss of a job, unemployment, indebtedness are blows to balance the couple. Generators of stress and anguish, they frenzy practical life before destroying the sentimental life.

In-laws: 11% of those surveyed cite the omnipresence of the spouse’s family. Between interference, criticism and rejection of the being chosen by his family, it becomes difficult to preserve an unsinkable space of the couple without distancing themselves from parental influence.

Remoteness: beyond a certain time of union, the evolution of individuals may have led them to a more or less conscious distance but which will irretrievably end up being felt. Sometimes the sacrifices made in the name of preserving the family space are perceived by one as one way and generate frustration and resentment.

Age: Engaging with a partner with a significant age difference is a risk taken over the long term because the differences between the two individuals are widening rather than disappearing. In addition, midlife crises sometimes trigger a reflexive drive of attraction for a younger spouse as a reaction to the anguish of death.

Boredom: habits can lead to lassitude, it is an end to which all couples are exposed in the long term. To live permanently together requires a regular reinvention of the relationship so as not to sink into the routine.

Sex: As hormonal changes occur with age, the couple may suffer from mutual sexual disinterest. It is advisable to talk about it and to ask for help so as not to let the situation stagnate until it becomes insurmountable.

We have provided above reasons for conventional divorce and if you have done everything to avoid divorce but seems like it is the only way out, visit legal portals like LawOnline or SLIC to find reputable lawyers and read the tons of reviews from actual clients. Just a reminder though, the cheapest divorce lawyer Singapore does not really equate as the best. Some lawyers offer cutthroat prices simply to get a job and in this case, choose quality over quantity matters!